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  • Are you divorcing or separating from a partner?
  • Need to focus on the needs of your children?
  • Have issues that need resolving?
  • Need to try and find ways of communicating?
  • Do you need to calm things down?
  • Want to reduce the emotional and financial costs of separation and divorce?

Answered yes to any question? Then you may find that Family Mediation offers you a clear pathway through difficult times.

Family Mediation helps families who have problems to resolve. Our trained professionals will use their experience and expertise to assist you in reducing tension, anger and misunderstandings and improve communications to find a practical solution.

Family Mediation can be an alternative to negotiating directly through solicitors and has been successful in encouraging co-operation and dialogue, benefiting every member of the family.

Family Mediation can help divorcing or separating couples plan for the future and move on. Working and communicating together as parents can often mean that you can make your own arrangements for your children, home, possessions and finance.

Family Mediation enables you to make your own decisions and can help reduce costs or remove the need for court proceedings.

Mediation East is part of the family department of Bridge McFarland Solicitors (SRA number 71606) who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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