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Family Mediators are trained professionals who provide impartial help to assist in resolving problems. The mediator provides a neutral comfortable and informative setting for problems to be discussed and explored.

The mediator enables all relevant information to be collected and shared. However, there needs to be open and complete disclosure of financial information and honest discussion for effective family mediation.

Can it help me?
Yes. If you have problems or concerns arising from a separation or divorce from a partner involving children, finances or ways of managing the separation then you may benefit from family mediation.

All kinds of people can gain from mediation: young, old, married or not, with or without children. Our family mediators can help you decide if mediation would be beneficial and suitable for your particular circumstances. Why not call us now on 01522 548290. One telephone call could make all the difference (click here for our full contact details).

Legal Aspects
Please be assured that discussions held during mediation are confidential*. While the end result of the mediation process is documented, it is not in itself legally binding. However, a legal agreement can be drawn up by solicitors using the mediation documentation.

*Certain information is not considered confidential (for example: financial details) and if there is a risk of harm to a person in mediation or a child then the process does not remain confidential.
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